Real and beautifully rustic retail!

Located in the heart of the Shongweni Valley, with picturesque views of Kirk falls, lies the cherished Shongweni Farmers and Craft Market. Every local and their dog knows of the meandering cruise through the cane fields on an early Saturday morning, and the hive of activity as you enter the gates. This energetic event, where all the magic happens, has been Blu Betty’s treasure trove as we have formed many everlasting customer relationships over the years.

It was an honour to utilise this beloved venue for our majestic photoshoot that captured its unique country charm… Roxanne Davison Photography, aka the talent behind the scenes, flexed her creativity in this bucolic setting, utilizing its warm natural lighting and rustic space. Our gorgeous model effortlessly took to the camera, resulting in pictures that demand a double-take. 


Starting the shoot off with a bang and making one stylish debut, is our striking hot Geena! This unseen stunner joins the Gigi design in Blu Betty’s heeled sandal collection. Both styles constitute a practical, chunky block heel and interwoven straps, that complement your feet while keeping them incredibly comfortable. Our iconic Baobab leather gives these elevated jaw-droppers an organic appeal, that enhances their lively nature.

Other noteworthy newbies that tend to steal the spotlight, are the gorgeous Georgina Pink Tone and Classico Nude/ Diesel. Both of these Blu Betty classics have been reimagined in slightly more feminine leathers, that add a tinge of whimsical elegance to the timeless designs…


On the flip side of dainty, we have our fierce and fabulous sneakers…

Launching our Tylo Kicks was the perfect way for Blu Betty to innovate and dip into foreign fashion territory. These beauties bring something novel to an oversaturated sneaker industry and have already received so much love from collectors. We crafted four contrasting leather variations ranging from earthy Diesel and daring Diesel/Pink Tone, to classic White and White/Vogue Snake, guaranteeing at least one to match anyone’s speed! Rumour has it a fifth Tylo, crafted in White/ Wild Black, will be dropping very soon… And, this fanciful flat is one status symbol that oozes urban iconic dynamism!

Every knockout colour exceeded our wildest expectations making it impossible to stop at just one sneaker style, hence the introduction of our Sity Kicks – A brand-new addition to the collection! Similarly to our Tylo, the Sity Kicks brings unmatched authenticity, premium quality, and incredible comfort at an affordable price. This makes them impossible to replicate and stand out in a sea of sneakers! The sizzling hot Sity Worn Red/Tex Red is definitely the most daring Blu Betty to date as its bold appeal will never go unnoticed!


Your feet may be looking first-class but your outfit could still be missing that special something. Well, that it-factor item may just be the perfect, cumberband belt. This easy-going accessory snatches your waist, catering to every size, and just brings an extra layer to your look! Crafted in our versatile Diesel leather, there’s no dress casual dress our Mia can’t work with…


Oh, the timeless animal print! An everlasting fashion trend that denotes sophistication and power. Although this world-renowned style is symbolic of the ’60s haute couture, its sensual appeal remains remarkably popular to this day. We couldn’t resist jumping in on the action and decided to give this vintage pattern a contemporary makeover before crafting a few Wild Black, summertime masterpieces…

The leather intensifies every design with its lively spirit and has quickly become a firm favourite! Starting with our Jodi, an elegant sandal that contrasted against the rustic scene, glinting and gleaming in the flashy leather combo of dynamic Wild Black/ Gold. The shoe boasts a feminine silhouette that catches the eye, while the intricate animal print pattern adds the final polish! Another mesmerising addition is our bestselling Philippa Black/ Wild Black, a unique Blu Betty design that took to this gorgeous leather like a fish to water! The pics show that even a pair of relaxed jeans look groovy when matched with these memorable beauties! 

While dainty buckles and flattering ankle straps may be beautiful, sometimes all you need is a hassle-free slip-on! That’s where the Halle comes in to save the day as this simple flat knows how to keep things easy-going and perfectly stylish! This practical fisherman sandal boasts interwoven straps crafted in one exquisite colour trio of Black/ Wild Black/ Gold.


A breathable, lightweight pair of sandals will be the crown jewel of your heatwave-ready looks! And, we have quite the selection of summer-ready items catered to any occasion…

First on the roster is our flattering Eartha, a design boasting organic cut-outs and intricate shapes that stylishly hold your feet in place. These funky flats have been crafted in our laid-back Baobab leather, tinged with glamourous Copper Print. Another captivating design that marries our earthy and flashy leathers, is our Zan Baobab/ Rose Gold – A quirky slip-on that holds uniqueness and edginess at its core!

But flashy isn’t for everyone and, sometimes all you need is a monochrome staple to anchor the fit. This is where our Paige Baobab comes in, a strappy design that’s simple by nature but cannot be underestimated! They are masters of timeless appeal and can be worn every summer without losing their charm…


To wrap up an extraordinary shoot, are a few classics that have become Blu Betty mascots over the years! The famous Classico is known, and loved, for it’s delicate sandal design that’s vintage style never goes out of fashion. Our Old Gold leather accentuates its subtle beauty that’s elegant for wedding guest attire and glamourous enough for nights out! Lacking the glam but full to the brim with everlasting charm is our flagship Georgina Baobab – A retro T-bar that invokes a sense of nostalgia and yet is 100% contemporary and current!

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