Beautiful barn venue style…

Durban truly knocked it out of the park when it came to this stunning industrial venue! The Bondshed is a hot event space nestled in the heart of Durban’s revitalised Point Water Front development. This scenic location found on the waterfront, truly had us in our feels on this winter morning. The old buildings and textured environment beautifully embraces the area’s history and adds to the vintage feel and the rustic charm. There was no better place to showcase our retro designs, new styles and accessories than this enduring setting! With the ethereal light beaming down on our gorgeous model Lindelwa Vezi from Boss Models Durban.. it really was a shoot to remember!!

Photo Cred goes to the super talented Roxanne Davison Photography!

Comfortable, Captivating and Charismatic
There’s nothing better than having a pair of easy-going slip-ons lying around, that goes with all one’s staple fits. That is exactly why our Lunas are vital for anyone who is constantly on the go and doesn’t have time for the fuss of laces and buckles! This contemporary mule sandal proves that less is more by perfectly combining beauty, simplicity and comfort. The genuine leather uppers and breathable PU lining with gristle rubber soles make them the most “feel good” shoe in our range, and that’s saying something! They come in an unusually striking Black Croc leather, making them even more versatile. However, if you’re wanting to add a bit of flare, our chic Champagne Croc leather is definitely a winner.

It’s all about the accessories...
We all know that feeling when the look is just missing something and, sometimes all it takes is the right accessories. That’s where we step in by bringing you complementary pieces that will perfectly tie your outfits together, and add a dash of striking originality. Take a look at our Mia Belt Luxe Black – this versatile cummerbund belt just has the “it factor”! It wraps around your waist and enhances your curves, making it a necessary accompaniment to complete so many different looks! Why settle for a basic outfit when you can get your hands on this gorgeous accessory that is guaranteed to liven up all your favourite dresses and skirts?!

Trending in Taupe
We can see why Taupe is all the talk these days! There is something warm and inviting about this neutral shade and we couldn’t resist taking part in the trend when making our new charismatic Harvey brogues. The design of this lace-up flat is show-stopping, to begin with. But we’ve taken it to the next level with a soft pastel Putty leather, exquisite gold detailing, and light stitching. It’s safe to say that this style and colour combination is the epitome of elegance and quirkiness!

Staying on the topic of divine neutrals. We have another beautiful Blu Betty style that is ready and waiting to level up your outfits! Yes, we’re talking about the statement Wren in Putty/Champagne Croc! This trendy sandal design features a single strap over the toe and an elegant cross-over ankle strap that fastens with a classy bauble clasp. Not only will they go with any pair of casual jeans, but these stunners are a perfect match for all your favourite jumpsuits.

Effortless and Authentic in Diesel
When it comes to a casual colour for everyday wear, our go-to diesel leather takes the cake! Take our fabulous Zara, for example – a relaxed sandal that is effortlessly eye-catching, with organic curved lines and unique styling. They are a different take on regular slip-ons and beam of majestic elegance. The earthy diesel colour accentuates the natural feel and adds to the down-to-earth look that we strive for! Of course, our classy and captivating peep-toe Classico had to be made in Blu Betty’s signature diesel leather as well. This design allows one to feel graceful and refined through its super flattering, ultra-feminine style. No wonder these babies have been a fan favourite since the get-go and will always be ready for you to pop on and take on the day!

“Simplicity carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.” – Jon Franklin.

Sometimes it’s the details and precision that make shoes stand out. And, that is exactly what sets apart our gorgeous Lia from the crowd. We took the classic Georgina, added a splash of dynamic pizzazz, and BAM, the Lia was born! This shoe gleams subtle glamour while maintaining a vintage appeal and versatile style, with its punched toe detailing and a metallic gold underlay. However, no comfort has been sacrificed, making it suitable for the working day and the festive nights!

Now, we cannot talk about shoes that are suitable for all occasions without mentioning the gorgeous Ché in Putty/Gold – another peep-toe stunner that’s beauty lies in the details. Its sweetheart shaped design and open nature make this style modest, yet oh-so-charming. And, you can choose how to wear them! Whether you’re feeling a glitzy vibe and choose a gold ankle strap, or decide on a more organic look and go for tan leather laces that wrap around your ankle, our Che’s will pull off both to perfection.

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