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Follow these simple steps to find out what size your shoe is:

  • Tape a blank piece of paper to the floor so that it doesn’t move around
  • Sit or stand with your foot on the paper and lean slightly forward so that your shin bone overlooks your ankle
  • Trace (or ask some one to do it for you) your foot on the paper. Make sure you draw very closely to your foot so as not to include the pencil trace as part of the measurement
  • Measure the length of your foot from the back of your heel to the longest point in the area of your toes (it might not be your big toe)
  • If you do this with both feet and one is slightly bigger, choose the larger measurement
  • Now use the size guide below to select your size


Our shoes are based on a typical UK sizes and standard SA sizing and as such run true to size. Should you have any issues/queries please measure your foot along the longest area and compare with the guide below. It is worth considering that our leathers do “give” in areas of pressure and this does allow some flexibility in sizing. Should you be in the middle of the sizing guide we suggest that you take the smaller of the two sizes.

**Please note that this is a sizing guide and from time to time, dependent upon the style, your size may vary. However, we do have an exchange policy in place – please see the link below for the T’s and C’s thereof;

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SA Size Chart UK Size Chart US Size Chart Pumps Boots
3 3 5 227mm 232mm
4 4 6 235mm 240mm
5 5 7 243mm 248mm
6 6 8 251mm 256mm
7 7 9 259mm 264mm
8 8 10 267mm 272mm
9 9 11 275mm 280mm