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Blu Betty is a proudly South African brand with our shoes being manufactured in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We strive for authenticity, quality and individuality in design and execution. We eschew mass consumerism and prefer to be “artisanal” in context and offering. Whilst we have seen fantastic growth since the inception of Blu Betty, we prefer to be a smaller player in the fashion industry in SA and grow organically with our brand. We subscribe to the concept of “slow fashion”.

Blu Betty’s team includes one of the most talented shoe designers and product developer SA and as such we are able to produce relevant and contemporary designs with a touch of quirkiness which set our brand apart. We are drawn to the authentic and organic look so this would be translated into our designs however a sense of the classic and inclusion of current trends/materials/technology are also influences.

When you buy a Blu Betty shoe you are getting a product which is limited in production allowing you to bring out your own individuality, great comfort and offering optimal style! Size curves are from a size 3 – 9 in most of our ranges.

The stakeholders of Blu Betty have collective experience of 63 years in the footwear industry in design, marketing and production. This makes us glow with pride!

For the past year, due to the demand for our shoes we have elected to supply selected and limited stockists (available on request) but for the most part we prefer to market our products through our social media platforms and at various markets/shows/fairs and of course through our brand new website!

In the event that we do not have your selection in stock and given the fact that we have our own factory we are able to make the shoes up for you  – a lead time of approximately 5 weeks will apply.